Accounting and Warehousing

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  • Works on SQL SERVER database, which provides secure access data via network, and no need to share data. And thus allows only authorized persons to access data.
  • Ease and high flexibility registration of the financial transactions, to adjust the balances of the accounts and warehouses of purchases and sales. As well as administrative expenses and receivables and payables to adjust the Fund.
  • The program is supported by many financial and stocks reports with very high speed, and the possibility of design the reports and their contents, commensurate with the establishment requirements.
  • Can easily customize the permissions for each user according to his position, type of work and tasks. Also can make group and customize the permissions, this is easy way to manage the same permissions for many users.
  • In addition to customize the permissions for each user, also you can customize LEVELS for users, cards and transactions records. So user can see cards and transactions records from the same level which he belong to, or down.
  • Sign is an audit stamp, you can make degrees for Signs, it is for auditing user according to his position,
  • Ease in rounding balances at the end of financial period (usually a year), and get the final results for the Final Budget, Financial statements, Closing accounts and Close stocks.